Monday, December 19, 2011

Help me welcome... S & S Cropping for a Cause!!

Shelly and Stacy have been holding crops once or twice a year in the area.  A few blogs ago I mentioned going to a great crop at Mater Dei... a fundraiser for the 8th great class if I recall.  At that time these two ladies mentioned holding more regular crops, and I have been anxiously awaiting the news.

Well, here it is! 

They have officially started a business to raise money for causes that they hold dear to their hearts.  They have scheduled their first two crops and shared the dates with us.

February 18th- A benefit for March of Dimes- Team Carter.
This crop will take place at Town & Country Christian Church (on SW 29th St, next to Westlake)
April 14th- A benefit for the Cancer Walk  (unsure if this is Relay for Life, or which walk, but who cares?  Never met a Cancer Walk that wasn't a great cause!!
Their plan is to have this crop at the Assumption Church, but more details will follow.

If you are not on Shelly and Stacy's mailing list, be sure to email one of them as follows: for Shelly for Stacy

Until then... Happy Cropping... and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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