Sunday, November 18, 2012

Digital Creativity... just in time for the big sale!

With Stampin' Up starting their Online Extravaganza, and that including MDS downloads, I wanted to share a couple of projects I have made with it recently!   I initially got the 30 Day Free Trial, but at the prices this next week, I assure you that I will be buying MDS2.

I decided to make my own Facebook Covers, and have had so much fun doing it.  I actually did my current blog header with the regular version of MDS, but with MDS2 you get over $500 worth of downloads as well.   It is a must have if you are wanting to go digital!!

Here is my Thanksgiving version, which is currently on my FB page.

I just finished this one for Christmas, and love how you can make it so personal!!! 

Hope you have enjoyed these, and if you decide to take advantage of this incredible price, please let me know if you have any questions when you make your very own creations.  I am learning myself, but happy to help you all I can.

Go to my previous blog to see the prices being offered for TEN DAYS ONLY on MDS (My Digital Studio)!!

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